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Being Here


Mindfulness means to be present in the Here and Now.It is not a method and nor is it a mere concept. It is an essential element of the wisdom teachings on our planet  and therefore not just some fad at the beginning of the 21st century. To be conscious now and to be present here is completely natural and yet at the same time quite exceptional. Our habitual patterns and our reactivity take us everywhere, always away from the present moment. To awaken from reactivity is the starting point of creative action and the emergence of insight and compassion.


Compassion, both for ourselves and for others, is a quality that arises from the practice of mindfulness and one that is realized by it. Through immediate and ever deepening experience of the interdependence of everything there is, the clear-seeing of mindfulness is complemented by the warmth of the compassionate heart.


In the last two decades there have been countless clinical studies conducted in regard to mindfulness and meditation and as a result this scientific research has been able to clearly demonstrate the positive effects of a regular practice of mindfulness. It has been successfully applied in stress management, pain therapy and also in the prophylaxis and treatment of mental disorders such as depression. And here, next to the acquisition of positive abilities such as improved self-awareness and self-regulation, the foundation for the development for equanimity, compassion and kindness is strengthened on a neurobiological level.


In the framework of general preventative health care, and also in regard to specific topics such as stress, burn-out, depression or other mental illnesses, I offer lectures and workshops on an introduction to the practice of mindfulness. My particular interest lies in the implementation of mindfulness in hospitals, corporations and public organizations. Furthermore, I am also available for interview requests relating to the topics of mindfulness, compassion and health care.

Marc is offering individual coachings to help implement mindfulness and other inner ressources in the personal and professional context. Furthermore psychotherapeutic treatments are conducted in his practice for integrative psychotherapy in Freiburg.

moment by moment

As part of his collaboration with the magazine moment by moment Marc is regularly conducting dialogues and interviews with renowned teachers and experts in the field of mindfulness and meditation.

Dr. med. Marc Loewer

Doctor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Since twelve years of age I have been intensely involved with existential questions such as ‘Who am I or what am I?’.At the age of eighteen, this search led me to begin practicing Vipassana meditation as developed by S.N. Goenka. Shortly thereafter I traveled to the Buddhist monasteries of Sri Lanka and Nepal where I was deeply inspired by my encounters with Nyanaponika Mahathera and Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

After further years in Asia and USA, and guided by the teachings of HWL Poonja and Ramesh Balsekar, I returned to Germany where I began Zen training with Willigis Jaeger.

This practice has accompanied me throughout my medical studies in Heidelberg and psychiatric training at the university clinics of Zürich and Freiburg. As an MBSR and MBCT mindfulness teacher I have been very pleased to integrate the practice of mindfulness professionally into my medical and psychotherapeutic activities, beginning in 2007. I currently work in my practice for integrative psychotherapy in Freiburg at the foothills of the Black Forest.

Mindfulness App

The mindfulness app was developed by Martin Wikfalk and Magnus Fridh, two innovative entrepreneurs from Sweden. It is one of the most successful meditation apps in the world and has more than 1 million users. I am delighted to have contributed the German speaking voice of the mindfulness application (available on iTunes and GooglePlay).  From the hugely positive feedback that we have received over the last five years, for very many people it has clearly been a major contributing factor in developing and maintaining their own private meditation practice.


Workshop at Landguet Ried

TAKING IN THE GOOD – developing inner resources through Positive Neuroplasticity

With Tamira Chu, Dr. Marc Loewer
und George Peterburs

June 26th – 28th, 2020

Strengthen your resilience with Positive Neuroplasticity and learn how to consciously change your brain for the better.Neuroplasticity is one of the most important findings of modern neuroscience. Our brain is constantly changing, forming new neurons, synapses and networks. We can actively participate in this process and permanently install inner strengths such as resilience, confidence and compassion.In an easy to understand and entertaining way, with the help of many practical exercises, the mindfulness-based Positive Neuroplasticity Training according to Rick Hanson shows how our mind and brain can be trained to absorb good qualities.

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